You Are Enough — The Universe

I saw this quote in a WhatsApp forward today —

Learn to love yourself first instead of the idea of other people loving you.

It got me thinking.

Do I struggle to love and embrace myself with all my imperfections?

Am I 100% honest about what I feel and what I need?

Do I give credit to myself for everything I am?

Am I aware (and accept) the fact that not everyone I love will agree with me?

These questions crossed my mind and I concluded that most of the times I am affirmative to all the above questions but there are some scenarios where I am lost.

The next question that I asked myself was — Do I lack self love?

The answer popped —  Although self love is a dominating state of my mind, it’s yet not a habit that I’ve integrated in every day life moments. In other words, I don’t exercise it from the beginning till the end of my day.

As a culture we women, especially the mother, are believed to be selfless, caring, and emotionally available. In fact, a better way to put is that we’re conditioned that way.

At times we seem to have monopoly of the matter when it comes to making sacrifices — big or small. We have packed every minute of the day being chefs, chaffeurs, coaches, and cleanup crew for the family alongside maintaining the work life balance.

Where is the time for Self Love? ❤

We all love the idea of others loving us but we often forget to love ourselves.

Self love should be more than just a state of mind. You need to show this to yourself all the time.

So all you beautiful ladies, consider adding these things in your to-do list from today —

  1. Spend some time doing things that help you love yourself more.
  2. Spend some time thinking about things that help you love yourself more
  3. Spend some more time with people who help you love yourself more
  4. Rinse, repeat.

So let’s be friends again with our grand passions and our tiny quirks that make us who we are. When you’re litup and excited you will have more to offer.

Break the wall you have build against self love. Forgive yourself and embrace your flaws, what you have to offer shall grow by leaps and bounds.