The Lockdown Treasure

It’s been close to two months now since the kids have been confined to home now. Being restricted to home 24/7 with super high energy hasn’t been easy for the twins. And it was equally tough on me to give them 100% attention amidst the work and the home responsibilities.

I know, it’s pretty much the case in every household with young kids but trust me handling twins is a bit more tougher. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions for where I feel anxious, frustrated, helpless, and exhausted multiple times during the day.

When they create a mess and a fight erupts between them I have to control hard not to scream. The other moment my heart goes out for these innocent monsters.

Between endless fights and tantrums we have survived well so far. The trick is just to keep them occupied with something new and interesting.

Pretend play set-ups, water games, dancing tutorials, singing sessions, engaging them with household chores and most importantly crafts have been our major rescue tools.

It started of with one activity a day however as the lockdown period got extended the requirement came for a couple of activities together in a day leaving me dead.

At the end of this hour, the above picture is what we have in hand. It’s not just a collection of craft pieces done by the tiny hands but a lot of laughter, happy, fun, excitement and cheerful moments. It also has a lot of my patience and energy into it.

This lockdown treasure will be our cherished moment forever.

The best way to pay for a moment is to enjoy it.