The Lockdown and the Magic Corner

Irrespective of the size of our nest, we all have a favorite corner in our house. A place that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Its warmth refreshes you.

You can sit there in peace, navigate your thoughts, and spend your time with your loved ones. You create memories there.

As a kid my magic corner was the small open area in the house that bathed in the first ray of the morning sun. It was also the place for star gazing in the night feel the evening breeze.

From keeping water and biscuits for the birds to calmly standing and watching people moving and kids playing, undoubtedly that place had always been my favourite.

The Angan at my grandmother’s house, the terrace of numerous rented houses I lived while growing up, and the balcony at my current residence — irrespective of the size all these places had my heart.

So, no points for guessing what our favourite hangout spot is during this lockdown. And not only just lockdown, our balcony has always been our favourite hangout spot.

Girls and I spend most of our time during the day in our balcony. It’s our main activity area. The girls dance, play, eat, sing and craft here all day long. Be it a pretend play setup or playing water games or the numerous video calls — we do everything right here.

During lockdown, when the girls are terribly missing the moving out and outdoor play, our magic corner is the rescue. It’s a happy place. They fight here, patchup here and if nothing else they just stand there and watch the landscape through the railing.

I keep making possible attempts to keep this area neat, warm, cozy, and bright.

So, what’s your favourite hangout spot in the house during the lockdown?

Your recharge corner. The corner of your house that has your heart. The place for where you can claim — “The one I like to sit with my toes curled up and my hair loose, ready to unwind the days chaotic knots.”