The Hidden Art of Mess

I took this pic my when the girls were just two and a half. My main intention was get their hands dirty with colors so I had the setup in place to surprise them when they would return from their preschool. The ideas was to let them have some fun with colors.

Little did I know that it will turn out to be more than just a fun activity. Although I was left with a messy floor, the two beautiful pieces of art (I choose to call it so) that came out from that session is a treasure I will cherish forever.

That day kickstarted our paint journey and we have been pretty regular at it since the girls just fell in love with paints and colors.

Most parents of preschooler focus their attention on — reading, writing and arithmetic. Although, the three Rs are important skills for the kids, allowing kids into messy plays has its own benefits.

Messy plays works the brain in ways that simple crafts don’t. What looks messy to an adult brain is a flight of vivid imagination for the young minds.

It’s more than just medium of self expression. It’s a cathartic stress relieving exercise. Fine motor control, varied sensory stimulus — these are all hidden benefits.

I know, paint is messy. It’s more work for you. It demands time and patience.

But let your child indulge in this color play. The magic they create on paper, canvas, or cardboard — you will see art in it.