Twins Onboard

Keeping curious twin toddlers busy and interested is a herculean task and it continuously demands a lot of creative ideas from my end as well. Role Plays have been an important tool for me to keep the kids busy and engaged. We try doing them at good intervals.

Stimulating kids creativity is easier than you think. Role Plays are a great tool to teach your kids about the fundamentals. It fuels their their imagination. It also helps you to make them learn good life lessons.

The fun role playing ideas, as per your liking, can be simple or elaborate. For this, I mostly try using items I already have lying around the House. Since I have a great fascination for Indian Mythology, most of our Ideas are inspired by that. The rest comes as a demand from the girls since they too have started enjoying this activity.

Keep checking out this page for some fun and creative stuff we are putting together at regular intervals.

Hanuman & Sita in Ashok Vatika​

The chapter from Ramayana when Ravana kidnaps Sita and makes her sit in the Ashoka Vatika under a tree has been DA’s favorite since they were very small. They’ve heard the tale at least a hundred times how Hanuman comes to Asoka Vatika searching for Sita, eating all the fruits in the Vatika and giving Lord Ram’s ring to Sita.

It always leaves me awe when I hear them narrating this story in their own language. So this summer vacation I decided to engage the girls in a role play by recreating the Ashoka Vatika at home.

There were a few challenges but now I have become a pro at handling them. Avani like dressing up in girly attire a lot. Dhavni has started giving me a Tomboyish feel already. So the choice was no brainer about who will be Hanuman and who will be Sita. Getting Dhvani dressed as Hanuman was easy. She already has a toy “Gada” (mace) so I didn’t have to worry about this prop. I wasn’t sure if they would recite the dialogues. Since this was one of their favourite pieces, they were super excited and performed their roles with a lot of enthusiasm. 

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Shiv & Parvati

One of these Mondays the kids had a day off on Shivratri. And you’ve heard me saying this before but I’ll say it again — keeping the duo engaged on a holiday is more difficult than sending a man to the moon. So I started preparing the girls from previous Friday and built up their excitement about Shivratri. Their excitement triggered endless questions about the upcoming festival. After I got tired answering Dhvani’s queries, I told her, “If you can hold off your questions till Shivratri day, I’ll dress you as Shiva.”

“Wow!” Dhvani’s eyes lit up.

And that’s how it struck me that I could dress DA as Shiva and Parvati. I thought of organizing a get together of their friends and make them celebrate Shivratri together. I quickly made a Shivaratri Invite and sent it to fellow moms asking to send their kids dressed either as Shiva or Parvati.

Getting Avani dressed as Parvati was a piece of cake.  But to figure out the props and the make up for Shiva was little challening. Fortunately, a leopard print jacket that they got as birthday gift from their Maasi came to my rescue. There were a lot of DIYs in this role play, right from making the half moon for Shiva’s head to the accessories like Trishul and Damru.

Finally, they performed the Abhishekam with the fellow friends and it turned out to be a happening and fun event.

Click here to read more about this event on my blog.

Radha & Krishna

In June 2018 the girls started going to a pre-school that was inside our apartment complex. Slowly they started having a lot of fun, totally enjoying the two hour slot there.

It was Janmashtami around the corner and we had a big function in our apartment society for the festival. The preschool wanted their kids to perform in a  fancy dress on the occasion.

I grabbed the opportunity and got DA dressed as Radha and Krishna. The girls have been fond of Krishna and Radha already. The Role play made them live all the different stories I have been telling them about Radha and Krishna. All of us enjoyed it thoroughly. It was also kids’ first stage performance, albeit a very short one. Neverthless they looked confident on the stage.

I tried using whatever was available to me at home, my old jewelry, hair and hand accessories, etc. Since there was not much time for a DIY crown & the Matka, I rented it.