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Role Play Activity: Hanuman and Sita in Ashoka Vatika

The chapter from Ramayana when Ravana kidnaps Sita and makes her sit in the Ashoka Vatika under a tree has been DA’s favorite since they were very small. They’ve heard the tale at least a hundred times how Hanuman comes to Asoka Vatika searching for Sita, eating all the fruits in the Vatika and giving Lord Ram’s ring to Sita.

It always leaves me awe when I hear them narrating this story in their own language. So this summer vacation I decided to engage the girls in a role play by recreating the Ashoka Vatika at home.

There were a few challenges but now I have become a pro at handling them. Avani like dressing up in girly attire a lot. Dhavni has started giving me a Tomboyish feel already. So the choice was no brainer about who will be Hanuman and who will be Sita. Getting Dhvani dressed as Hanuman was easy. She already has a toy “Gada” (mace) so I didn’t have to worry about this prop. I wasn’t sure if they would recite the dialogues. Since this was one of their favourite pieces, they were super excited and performed their roles with a lot of enthusiasm. 

Have a look at all the fun we had. Click on images to see them in full view.