You Are Enough — The Universe

I saw this quote in a WhatsApp forward today — Learn to love yourself first instead of the idea of other people loving you. It got me thinking. Do I struggle to love and embrace myself with all my imperfections? Am I 100% honest about what I feel and what I need? Do I give […]

5 Micro Greens to Make Your Kids Grow

As I have mentioned before the biggest challenge of this lock down is how to feed the hungry minds of our over enthusiastic kids at home. Their curiosity and relentlessness is keeping all the parents on their toes. Our little ones are like sponges, absorbing the world around them and this lock down could be […]

The Power of Music

Needless to say music has a profound effect physically, mentally and spiritually. It can capture your mind, body and soul. Fast beats can make you alert in an instant, upbeat music can lift your mood, and soft note never fails to bring soothing vibes. All in all its the perfect tool for stress management and […]

Raise A Reader

We call it a day sharp at 8:30 in the night for the twins. The dinner is done, teeth brushed, pyjamas on, and the mosquito net is in place. And they are all set for their bedtime story reading before they drift off around 9. Normally, it’s my better half who is the incharge of […]

Lockdown, Screentime, and Kids

While Parenting twins, digital technology has always been one of my rescue measures in the times of crisis. Like all the other kids, my twins smile ear to ear when they have a tab or a mobile in their hands. There are no fights and the day is sorted. Though, they need one device each […]

The Better Half

My better half sketched something interesting four years back. The man on the couch with newspaper — that’s him, my husband. And no prices for guessing who is the nagging lady standing at the back — yours truly. He titled it — The Daily Saga and asked for my feedback. Now, he’s no cartoonist but […]