Lockdown, Screentime, and Kids

While Parenting twins, digital technology has always been one of my rescue measures in the times of crisis.

Like all the other kids, my twins smile ear to ear when they have a tab or a mobile in their hands. There are no fights and the day is sorted. Though, they need one device each in their hands. Sharing the digital friend doesn’t help in preventing the chaos for long.

Although I try to limit their exposure to screen, I am guilty of giving them the access to the same when there is a panic.

This lockdown is one such time. The girls are doing fairly well and I am trying to survive devoting my time engaging them creatively along with the unending chores.

Trust all the other doting moms are in the same zone.

In this current phase the digital media is proving to be a boon. Frankly speaking with the access to the internet the lockdown doesn’t feel so unbearable.

It indeed is proving to be a boon for me in handling the twins. But yes I am trying to use it strategically this time.

Sharing a few strategies here —

1) I keep it reserved for the time of the day which is toughest to get through. There are multiple such instances times during the day when the girls are in panic mode or there are all signs of a fight.

2) Since the girls have shown interest in dancing off late, I try to play certain dance tutorial videos for kids. They self engage and follow the instructions. If you can caste it to your TV, nothing like it. Girls love it.

3) On the similar lines we play some kids yoga tutorial videos for them to follow once a day.

4) We try to keep it as a family downtime at some instance where all of us are either watching a fun movie or a cartoon.

5) The twins are really fond of colouring and drawing videos . Off late I have been playing them videos teaching sketching with alphabets.

6) Not giving them binge watch time on mobile is a crime. The pleasure of holding the mobile in hand and scrolling through videos is unending. For this we have downloaded a few videos with good content for them in the YouTube. Whenever we hand over the mobile to them we turn off the data/wifi so that they only watch preselected videos in offline mode.

In this unprecedented time we as parents might have to take few unprecedented steps to handle or kids to get through the lockdown. Access to screen time is one such thing. But is can always be used strategically.