Hold on

I am back with another piece from my better half’s treasure box. It’s whimsical.. isn’t it?

Anshul (my husband) sketched this cartoon in the context of the stock market. This could be interpreted as – in investing, people like buying and selling the stocks but it’s “the holding the stock for a long time” that people don’t like. This is one of the core principles of value investing. It’s an investment tactic that preaches that while investing focus on the company’s long term fundamentals and do not overreact to the short term news that jiggles the stock price. So in the value investing world, it’s important to hold on to the stocks. Investing isn’t my cup of tea so I shall stop talking more about it

Moving on to my zone, if I try to correlate this to our day to day life, I conclude that in life it is important to hold on to a few important things instead of spreading ourselves too thin. What are those things?

This takes me back to my 20’s. Such a carefree time it was. A time when life was rich with possibilities. There was ability, time and agility to live out what I was and what I could be. It was a stage when the personality was evolving. That was also a time for learning a few crucial lessons. A tough but insanely rewarding decade. A time when the mistakes were plenty punctuated by some right choices.

It’s said that the beginning and the end of every decade of life is marked by significant changes. The transition from the 20s to 30s was gentle as well as turbulent. I would say it was moving from carefree 20s to cautious ’30s.

As I am inching closer to the end of the fourth decade of my life, I have become more thoughtful. The early 30s brought career success, increased self-esteem, and higher tolerance. By the mid 30s realization dawned that how little I know and how much more there is to learn. Although the dust of insecurities settled down, it became clear that the midlife challenges are yet to begin. All in all, 30s feel like a whole new life and I feel like I am standing tall on the maturity meter.

I would be lying if I don’t admit that this life-decade has helped me know myself better. I got the taste of life. I discovered that life, inspite of its complexities, is a continuously evolving flavour. It was a taste of love but also fear, insecurity, loss, change, joy, and gratitude. It both frightened me and exhilarated me. I realized I was someone with spirit. I become excited when I have an idea. I look forward to experiences and anticipate the memorable ones. In the process many a times I come out as a winner. But there are times when I feel let down as well. I get my eager mentality crushed and I feel limited. Life keeps testing me leaving me with the feeler that there are plenty of factors beyond your control.

In such times of disappointments, it becomes important to pull yourself and stand strong. But how do we do that?

My life experiences tell me that I just need to hold on to two things in life — Hope and Faith.

Hold on to hope and faith. Those are the two things that we can’t stand to lose. You can let go of people or hurts but don’t let go of faith. It’s significant, it’s beautiful and it’s what it means to be human. It will help you savour the taste of life and open up limitless possibilities in the times of darkness.

So while you are investing in the valuable stocks of your life, please incorporate hope and faith as your support system. This will help you to hang on to your valuable stocks in the times of crisis and the rewards won’t be anything less than awesome.

Thanks for reading.