Daddy’s Little Girl

This picture dates back to a day before my wedding. That was six years back. That’s my dad in the picture. I am sure the picture will give you a buddy feel.

Like every daughter in the world I too share a unique bond with my Dad. We are very similar, we think alike. We have similar fears in life and we also draw our strength from the same sources. We both are very bad at expressing our emotions. Words fail us when we want them to speak for us. The only form in which we can express our love is in the form of care and concern and that too will come with a disclaimer that “this doesn’t bother me but if you do this it will be for your own good”

Today, whenever we get to spend time together (which is relatively rare since I left home for my post-graduation in 2005) we just talk about random stuff. We are very bad at getting into the emotional talking. It’s the eyes that do the talking and the presence itself is important. Since I was a kid I used to avoid looking into his eyes whenever I was sad, heartbroken or upset because he would figure it out instantly.

Since I got married and have moved out, my arguments with him has increased. I feel he has a casual approach towards his health and ignores my advice. He on the other hand reasons that his world view is bigger and better than mine and I should not boss him. He disapproves of most of my parenting techniques and I tell him he doesn’t know how hard it is managing twins.

At times when I share with him over phone that how draining the day was how the girls are becoming tougher to handle, he nonchalantly replies, “So what? This is how kids are.” This kind of response is frustrating. I often hang up the phone quietly. What I expect him to say is, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” I want him to sympathize with me. But this is his way of motivating me. During the toughest phases of my life he has always reassured me by telling me that these are normal happenings so that I don’t give up. He is the one with strongest will power and I think I have inherited that one quality from him.

He is my weakness. He’s also the source of immense strength for me. We understand each other like no one does. If you ask me what is the greatest gift he has given me? With teary eyes and smiling face I would say that he has given me decades full of love and optimistic eyes.

Why does every daughter share such an unique bond with her dad? Why do we girlies love our dads a tad bit more than our moms. There are hundreds of reasons.

Our dad is the first man we see in our lives. What he does and how he does it has a deep impression on us. He sets the course of our lives and we adore him for everything he does. Mom’s love is just as unconditional as our dad’s do but the protective instincts fathers have for their girls is unparalleled. They make us feel safe. They teach us to be strong and weak at the same time. They tell us that sometimes it is okay to be weak and break down. But, they also teach us to get up and move on. They also build a will in us to never tolerate anything that we feel is not right.

The fathers today are much more informed and involved with their children. They are taking an active part in the bringing up their children. From feeding formula to changing diapers. Soothing, clothing, bathing, reading, putting them to sleep — almost everything. This has opened up more opportunities to bond with their daughters.

As a mother of twin girls, I am witnessing the beauty of this relationship all over again. But this time a different flavour of it. When I see my girls dashing towards their dad the moment he enters the house, it fills my heart with peace and love. The ear to ear smile on their faces is priceless. I am on my toes 24/7 with the girls but they would do anything to be with their dad. He doesn’t have to try hard to seek their attention.

When a baby girl comes out from the womb, no father on earth would ever want to trade the little angel for a son. A father’s heart is full of love for their daughters.

In a father’s words:

You’re the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold,
You’re daddy’s little girl to have and hold.
A precious gem is what you are,
You’re Daddy’s bright and shining star.