Greying Hair and Growing Kids

Recently I got a chance to be at the movies with my husband after a long time. After more than four years. I was elated. Three years of parenting twins and almost a year of high-risk twin pregnancy had deprived me of many such little pleasures. Motherhood did not come that easy to me. The […]

Bam Bam Bhole

It was such an eventful day today. We celebrated Mahashivratri like never before. Dhvani and Avani were dressed up as Lord Shiva & Maa Parvati . We arranged for a play date where few of their friends were invited. The dress code was Shiva or Parvati. The girls did abhishekam for the tiny brass Shiva […]

Give Them Your Love, but Not Your Thoughts

I had a tough time driving the girls back from school today. It’s a challenge most of the days. I have to bribe them daily to sit quietly in the car and behave so that I can drive them home safely. But at this time, the girls are a bit sleepy, tired, and a little […]

Daddy’s Little Girl

This picture dates back to a day before my wedding. That was six years back. That’s my dad in the picture. I am sure the picture will give you a buddy feel. Like every daughter in the world I too share a unique bond with my Dad. We are very similar, we think alike. We […]

Friends for Life

Have you ever thought how is it like having a lifelong friend? What your life would have been without them? Someone whom you have known most of your life. I am blessed to have two of those. One of them I met in a unique way. We both post graduated from the same college but […]

It’s Always A Bit Messy

Little kids are masters of the moment. They love the way it feels when they smear paint on paper or when they get to scribble on the wall. They’re neither self-conscious about what they are doing nor they’re bothered about creating a finished product. My twin toddlers have great love for paints, colors, and crayons. […]