The Most Important Relationship

Of late I’ve been finding myself engaged in a couple of solo activities. Like walking in the nature, creating art, listening to my favourite music, wandering alone, and watching digital cinema. I felt like connecting with myself through solitude. This took me back to the time when my work commitments made me spend good time […]

The Innocent Love

I was lying down on the floor in the living room when Dhvani came running to me. Taking the girls to the beach had been super fun but carrying them in arms once they were exhausted had taken a toll on my neck and the back. Girls are all grown up and it’s pretty tough now […]

Hold on

I am back with another piece from my better half’s treasure box. It’s whimsical.. isn’t it? Anshul (my husband) sketched this cartoon in the context of the stock market. This could be interpreted as – in investing, people like buying and selling the stocks but it’s “the holding the stock for a long time” that […]

Role Play Activity: Hanuman and Sita in Ashoka Vatika

The chapter from Ramayana when Ravana kidnaps Sita and makes her sit in the Ashoka Vatika under a tree has been DA’s favorite since they were very small. They’ve heard the tale at least a hundred times how Hanuman comes to Asoka Vatika searching for Sita, eating all the fruits in the Vatika and giving […]

Life Beyond Competition

Like most other mornings, today I was struggling hard to make the girls eat their breakfast. I feel like an achiever on the days they eat properly on their own. Sadly these privileged moments are far and few between. In short, how well my girls have performed on the breakfast table drives my mood during […]

Rendezvous With the Forgotten Child

Today, as I sit back and let myself dwell in nostalgia, I am glad that my childhood was untouched by technology and the weird trends. It gave me a chance to live and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Each one of us for sure has had a cherished time.