Staying Weird

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve tried to uplift your mood? Getting into a funk every once in a while is part of everyone’s experience. You know, that time when you feel low and frustated. When things seem to be out of your control. Happens to all of us, isn’t? While it’s easy to wallow […]

Blue Skies and Happy Hearts

The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in turn has certainly hammered every single human with a lot of challenges. From small kids to the grownups, everyone is facing a tough time figuring out their own way to cope with it. Kids are missing monkeying around with their friends. The working lot is trying hard to […]

The Year of Paint, Crayons, and Colours

2019 was the year of cardboards, paints, crayons, and rainbow colours. I wonder what 2020 will bring? For sure it’s going to be more of the same. Dhvani Avani in their fourth year of growing up have tested my patience a million times. All the soothing and pacifying statements from my family and folks — […]

The Child Is the Mother of the Woman

Today was a super tiring day. Mr. Better Half had some deadlines and my help was off early since it was her anniversary today. The girls skipped their afternoon sleep post school and it was a task to handle them. Fortunately, I survived. By the end of the day with no energy left I was […]

Eating Your Own Cooking

The picture is from the prize distribution ceremony last week. It was part of Onam celebrations in our apartment society. Its good to be a part of a community where people from varies cultures celebrate together which gives the kids a way to get a good exposure of various traditions. As part of the Onam […]

Coping Calmly

Taking the girls for outdoor play every evening is a routine for me now. And whenever I am out with them, I make it a point to whisper in their ears — “sharing is caring” and “greeting everyone is good” — to ensure that they gel with other kids well and make more friends. This […]