Acceptance and Hope, isn’t it?

The Girls were getting super bored last evening and I some how succeeded in convincing them to go and do some drawing.

I still had some unfinished chores.

The girls have grown to be more empathetic in this lockdown and at times they show good understanding to my daily struggles. (Only at times haan…such occassions are still rare 😅🤣)

“But what shoud we draw?” Came both of them running to me.

Draw whatever you want to do the most ..I replied immediately. I just wanted them to get started immediately before they lost interest.

Half and hour later the above doodles are what they came up with.

Dhvani wanted to to have a family movie time and she drew four us us watching a movie together.

Avani on the other hand wanted us to go out to the park so she imagined us there and drew it on the paper.

One thing stood out to me is that both of them seem to have made peace with the current situation and accepted the new normal.

While Dhvani’s doodle was a reflection of the acceptance that we have to stay indoors and keep ourselves engaged.

Avani’s doodle showed hope that gradually things will be back to normal and we shall resume the basics again.

Acceptance and Hope — these are the two things that will keep us going in these testing times. Isn’t it?