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Birthday Party Planning

Twins Onboard is all things about home and family. Alongside sharing and embracing life’s wonders and excitement, we also plan unique tailor made parties.

We organize Home Parties for you including Décor, gifts, cake, activities, and more. Every party is customized according to your requirements. We are Birthday Party organizers for every budget and children of every age. With us there is a guarantee that not a single moment would be dull. We give a personal touch to your party making it an extraordinary  and memorable event.

  • Digital  & Handmade Birthday Invites
  • Themed Birthday Décor
  • Cake and Table Décor
  • 3D Letter  Number Art
  • Handmade Birthday Props
  • End to End Party Planning and Execution
  • Handmade Banners and Backdrops
  • Handmade Photobooth as per the Theme
  • Photoshoot in Attractive Setups


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About ME

Hey there! I am Shruti. I am a mother to identical twin girls — Dhvani & Avani. I lovingly called them DA. The inscrutable twins are 3.5 years old. This website is a log of my twin parenting experiences, life’s little pleasures, and the challenges life throws at me. 

After working for almost a decade in the corporate world, I took the most awaited and deserving break when the twin miracle happened to me. After this 3 year career break I have started working as recruitment consultant. I am also pursuing my passion as a Decor Artist and Birthday Party Planner.

My identical twin girls have given me the privilege to experience the treasured world of motherhood in a totally unique way. They are God’s most wondrous gifts to me and with them I am getting the opportunity to explore the beauty of this world alongside discovering new passion and creating beautiful things. I am in a constant pursuit to create a little bit of beauty every day to make this parenting journey memorable and special for myself and my girls.

I created this blog to share and connect with everyone who embraces life’s wonder and excitement. So stay tuned for stories, tips, mom life anecdotes, kids activity projects, DIY home decor stuff and all things about home and family.