5 Micro Greens to Make Your Kids Grow

As I have mentioned before the biggest challenge of this lock down is how to feed the hungry minds of our over enthusiastic kids at home. Their curiosity and relentlessness is keeping all the parents on their toes.

Our little ones are like sponges, absorbing the world around them and this lock down could be a good opportunity to teach them skills that will last life long. And there won’t be a better time to teach this to your kids.

There’s certainly going to be a shift in the way of living once this pandemic is over.

Growing your own micro greens could be a good skill to have considering the current situation.

Last week in an attempt to try a new activity with kids, we made them sow few seeds. They were in charge of watering and monitoring the pots daily. The girls were thrilled to see the sprouts coming out from the mustard seeds.

This DIY farming doesn’t need much space and things required are readily available in your kitchen.

Here are a few ideas —

  • Mustard (or राई ) is an integral part of spices in every kitchen and the seeds easily germinate in 4-5 days. You just need to take a few mustard seeds and sow them 1 inch deep into the soil. Water it whenever the soil looks dry
  • Coriander: Whole coriander seeds available in the kitchen can be taken, crushed a bit and can be sown 1 inch in the soil. These seeds should take a week to germinate.
  • Ajwain: This one is also available in every kitchen. Ajwain seeds can be sown as it is in the damp soil and the pot can be kept in the sunlight.
  • Tomato: You can take a ripe tomato from your kitchen, cut it into slices and place then neatly in the pot covering it with soil smoothly.
  • Fenugreek/Methi: The process is similar to Ajwain and the seeds sprout in a week.

Remember, all these plants would need sunlight.

Thanks to the internet, all these skills are available at the snap (or touch) of a finger. There are ample you tube videos available.

Many of you may already have a kitchen garden with these micro greens. Make your kids to get their hands dirty with these. The pleasure of witnessing the seeds sown by you to grow is beyond words. Let your kids experience this joy. You can make then the in charge for these pots and assign them a routine to monitor them.

* Please check out for tips to germinate these seeds on a damp surface in case you are out of potting soil in the lockdown