Experiencing the Experience!

I spotted a beautiful butterfly in our balcony today. It wandered at random first ,gracing fresh bloomed Hibiscus flower later. It was a pure vision of beauty that I couldn’t stop admiring I screamed ,Dhavni Avani see what’s there in the balcony. The girls came out running What happened Mumma?..asked Dhavni. I exclaimed, have a […]

My English Vinglish

“You need to ensure one parent is speaking to the twins in English,” said the teacher. “We want the children to have a basic understanding of the language.” We were at the Montessori to finish the admission formalities for the kids at the pre-school. “You’re going to talk to the girls in English from today […]

Acceptance and Hope, isn’t it?

The Girls were getting super bored last evening and I some how succeeded in convincing them to go and do some drawing. I still had some unfinished chores. The girls have grown to be more empathetic in this lockdown and at times they show good understanding to my daily struggles. (Only at times haan…such occassions […]

The Hidden Art of Mess

I took this pic my when the girls were just two and a half. My main intention was get their hands dirty with colors so I had the setup in place to surprise them when they would return from their preschool. The ideas was to let them have some fun with colors. Little did I […]

The Lockdown Treasure

It’s been close to two months now since the kids have been confined to home now. Being restricted to home 24/7 with super high energy hasn’t been easy for the twins. And it was equally tough on me to give them 100% attention amidst the work and the home responsibilities. I know, it’s pretty much […]

The Lockdown and the Magic Corner

Irrespective of the size of our nest, we all have a favorite corner in our house. A place that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Its warmth refreshes you. You can sit there in peace, navigate your thoughts, and spend your time with your loved ones. You create memories there. As a kid my magic […]